Dr. Alan Noble

Dr. Noble is Associate Professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University. He has been teaching composition and literature for over a decade, beginning at Antelope Valley College in his home town of Lancaster, California, and then at Baylor University. He has contributed scholarship on Cormac McCarthy and has published two books with InterVarsity Press: You Are Not Your Own: Belonging to God in an Inhuman World and Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age.

In addition, Dr. Noble is Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine, Christ and Pop Culture; a member of the Leadership Council of the AND Campaign; and a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, Vox, Buzzfeed, First Things, Christianity Today, and The Gospel Coalition.

Dr. Noble has given talks on literature, popular culture, technology, secularism, and related issues at a number of colleges, churches, and organizations.

His wife, Brittany, holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics (CSUN) and Economics (Baylor). They live with three small children and attend Shawnee Pres.