Dr. Dominick S. Hernández

Dr. Dominick Hernández was born in New York City, NY, yet spent most of his formative years living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. From 2006-2008, Dr. Hernández received ministerial training at the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in Costa Mesa, CA.  During his time at the School of Ministry, Dr. Hernández was ordained at Calvary Chapel Voyage in Fountain Valley, CA (2007) and served as the congregation’s youth pastor.

After the School of Ministry, Dr. Hernández continued his studies at Princeton Theological Seminary—focusing on Old Testament/Hebrew Bible—and was awarded a Master of Divinity degree in the spring of 2011.  This educational experience opened the doors for doctoral studies, concentrating on Biblical Wisdom Literature and Semitic Philology at Bar-Ilan University.  Dr. Hernández was officially awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the fall of 2016.

Dr. Hernández currently serves as an assistant professor of Old Testament Interpretation and the Director of the Online Hispanic Program at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY). Dr. Hernández is deeply invested in the academic community in which he continues to research, write, and present on the literary connections of the Bible and other ancient Near Eastern literature.  Dr. Hernández remains committed to the church, having served in English, Spanish, and Hebrew-language ministries in the United States and abroad, and currently preaches and gives seminars in congregations.