Dr. Will Kynes

Will Kynes (PhD, Cambridge University) is an Associate Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at Samford University. His research focuses on wisdom and suffering in the Hebrew Bible viewed from the varied perspectives of various biblical texts and their readers across history. His first book, My Psalm Has Turned into Weeping: Job’s Dialogue with the Psalms, earned international recognition in 2015, when it was awarded the Manfred Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise. His second monograph, An Obituary for “Wisdom Literature”: The Birth, Death, and Intertextual Reintegration of a Biblical Corpus challenges the modern imposition of the “Wisdom” category and its associated post-Enlightenment ideals on the biblical text. Will is currently working on an introduction to biblical intertextuality and a book on how different cultures have found hope in the biblical tradition of wrestling with God.

In addition to teaching and researching, he enjoys swimming, watching college football, walking while listening to audiobooks, spending time with his wife, Vanessa, reading to his three daughters, and being involved in his local church.