Marty Solomon

Marty Solomon was born in a small southern Idaho town and received a BA from Boise Bible College in Christian Ministries. He is cohost, creator, and Executive Producer of The BEMA Podcast and President of Impact Campus Ministries. After leading a small congregation as a young pastor, he was pointed by some mentors to different academic voices who were pursuing Scripture through the lens of a historical Jewish perspective—a perspective Marty was unaware of. Through each new lesson, the Bible began to make more sense, and the invitation to partner with God in pursuing the concept of shalom was becoming more and more compelling.

Whether it’s preaching for a Sunday morning, leading study tours to Israel and Turkey, teaching at a weekend seminar, producing digital resources, or championing the cause of campus ministry, Marty loves to use his creativity to inspire others with the truth of God’s love for the world by introducing them to better readings of our Bible.