A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible

What, if anything, does the Bible actually say or imply about gender relations given the material world of Scripture? This series is meant to cover what many Bible readers lack: a basic understanding of the daily lives of people described in the biblical texts and how that matters in discerning the biblical prescriptions.

These articles will critique and engage with some of the contemporary Western church’s common assumptions about this topic from the perspective of the biblical authors. The immediate goal is to clarify what these ancient men and women actually did in their daily and ritual lives, and how those activities were gender-delineated, if at all.


Forthcoming essays in this series include:
  • Cynthia Shafer-Elliot on work and labor between the sexes in ancient Israel.
  • Sandra Richter on what to do with laws about rape and seduction in Deuteronomy.
  • Lynn Cohick on gender roles in the Greco-Roman synagogue and church ecologies.
  • Carmen Imes on the leadership of women of Exodus.
Ancient statue of a woman baking bread

Were Ancient Israelite Women Subservient? The Bible and Archaeology

Despite a common assumption, Israelite women were not dominated by men throughout ancient Israelite society.

Part of the A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible series