New Book: CHT Fellow Dr. Jonathan Pennington’s Jesus the Great Philosopher

It may sound strange, but until recently in church history, Christianity was considered a sophisticated philosophy, and Christians considered Jesus to be a philosopher.

The CHT is excited to announce that our academic fellow Dr. Jonathan Pennington has released a book on the significance of Jesus as philosopher.

For now, we all know that we don’t put “Jesus,” “Christianity,” “philosopher,” and “philosophy” in the same sentences or even paragraphs. Who cares? Why does this matter?

Dr. Pennington, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, raises these questions in his new book Jesus the Great Philosopher, published by Brazos Press on October 20.

In this book, Dr. Pennington reviews the historical understanding of Jesus as a philosopher, and how Jesus’ teachings interacted with other ancient philosophies on offer. Dr. Pennington explores the philosophical ideas in the Bible at large, as well as Christianity’s answers to the “big” questions about the nature and source of happiness, the integration of reason and emotion, and the necessity and ethics of relationships.

Jesus lived like a philosopher, taught like a philosopher, and debated like a philosopher. While Christians acknowledge him as their savior, it’s time they also reintroduced him to his rightful place the Great Philosopher.