Part of the Repentance and Reconciliation in Scripture series

What Biblical Racial Reconciliation Actually Looks Like (Anthony Bradley)

Reconciliation in practice involves local communities acknowledging the wrongs of their particular pasts and figuring out how to move forward— what the responsibilities are and how to live together in peace.

In the area of racial reconciliation, we focus a lot on justice and the responsibilities of the offenders. But biblical reconciliation also requires the injured party to show mercy and eventually let go of the wrongs, which is profoundly humbling to those receiving the mercy.

Dr. Anthony Bradley joins us this week to discuss what has informed current racial tensions and how churches and communities can move forward.

Show notes:

  • 0:26 Examining the racial tensions within a community
  • 1:50 Racial reconciliation and ignoring history
  • 4:19 What informs current racial tensions
  • 7:05 The 80s 
  • 10:39 Reconciling in Scripture and the local past
  • 17:32 Reconciling through truth
  • 20:43 Disconnection from history
  • 28:20 Racial solidarity

Show notes by Dominique LaCroix

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