Beyond Bible Study: From Consumers to Participants (Caroline Smiley and Kyle Worley)

To find your place in the story of Scripture, you have to understand the story and then how the story continues into our world today. Many Christians haven’t learned a method for reaching sound theological conclusions, and end up being more defensive than constructive. Some Christians are also content to lack Bible knowledge as long as the pastor or another leader has it, instead of becoming knowledgeable themselves within a community

Caroline Smiley and Kyle Worley explain how they have partnered to help people learn theological methods and frameworks to study the Bible in a way that is sustainable and replicable. 

Show notes:

  • 0:27 Beyond Bible study: the contours of Scripture
  • 3:00 What led to their method
  • 5:06 From consumers to contributors
  • 6:37 Help for poorly formed theology
  • 13:49 Challenges of leadership
  • 17:20 We disembody knowledge with one knower
  • 24:30 An alternative to seminary
  • 27:15 Theological education
  • 30:16 Practicing knowledge in the church
  • 31:40 Next steps; partnership and sustainability

Book mentioned: 

By the Renewing of Your Minds, by Ellen T. Charry

Show notes by Dominique LaCroix

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