Biblical Literacy for Flourishing in Faith and Work (Luke Bobo)

Many American Christians assume an over-familiarity with the Bible. Whether because we were raised in the church, or because we think we have it all figured out, or because of sheer laziness, we rarely turn to Scripture with diligent and curious eyes, guided by a community of other Bible-readers. At the same time, we often erect barriers between our faith and work or between the state of our souls and the state of our bodies. Perhaps the two issues are connected: we see the Bible and our churches as dealing with spiritual things but tend to isolate them from our everyday lives.

Dr. Luke Bobo is an author, theologian, professor, and Director of Strategic Partnerships for an organization called Made to Flourish. His work ranges from encouraging biblical literacy among everyday churchgoers to helping pastors think holistically about the interaction between faith and work, including implications for poverty alleviation. In this episode, Dr. Dru Johnson interviews Dr. Bobo about biblical interpretation and the dignity of work. Dr. Bobo wants us to do two things: first, dive deeper into Scripture, and second, figure out how the church can serve in the economic order.

Questions addressed include: How can Christians develop an asset-based approach to ministry, instead of a need-based one? How can churches work in concert with the biblical story the affirm the dignity of work? What does an economically flourishing church look like? How Christians read the Bible better?

Show notes:

  • 0:26 The basics of the Bible and biblical interpretation
  • 3:50 Practices that help and hinder biblical literacy
  • 7:18 Interpretation through your social location
  • 11:57 Interpretation as an individual and communal exercise
  • 17:19 Made to Flourish and the dignity of work
  • 22:16 Helping pastors think about vocation
  • 32:00 The church as an economic agent

Learn more about Dr. Luke Bobo’s writing and work at Made to Flourish.

Dr. Bobo’s book A Layperson’s Guide to Biblical Interpretation: A Means to Know the Personal God

Show notes by Micah Long.

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