Q&A Series: Is There Marriage in Heaven? (Dru Johnson)

From Genesis, marriage looks like it is one of the most important parts of creation. So, does Jesus really say in Luke 20 that there will be no “marrying and giving in marriage” in the new heavens and earth? In the first episode of The Biblical Mind Q&A series, Dru Johnson examines the phrase “marrying and giving in marriage” across Scripture—and what Jesus really meant by it.

In Luke 20, the Sadducees approach Jesus and ask about a woman who had multiple husbands. Jesus’ response might seem to suggest that no one is married in the age of resurrection. Dru argues that Luke has in mind a broader, more subtle point about the resurrection and the end of the world.

Dru Johnson is the Director for the Center of Hebraic Thought, the host of The Biblical Mind Podcast, and an Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at The King’s College. He is also the author of the recent book Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Introduction—is there marriage in heaven?
  • 2:43 Marriage as part of the structure of creation
  • 4:10 Examining Luke 20
  • 10:14 The purpose of Luke’s gospel
  • 14:35 Luke 17: “Marrying and giving in marriage”
  • 21:21 Why Jesus isn’t actually talking about marriage

Show notes by Micah Long

Image created by Rubner Durais

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