Jewish Identity, Deconstruction, and Misusing the Bible (Marty Solomon)

How do we approach the Bible? Do we see it merely as a “perfect rulebook”? A piece of literature to be picked apart? Or do we see it as something that threatens to transform us and upend our preconceptions, helping us live in accordance with God and His activity? In this episode, Dru interviews Marty Solomon, cohost, creator, and Executive Producer of The BEMA Podcast and President of Impact Campus Ministries, about his approach to reading and teaching the Bible. They consider different approaches to Scripture, from fundamentalism to textual criticism to deconstruction, and explore the ways each might shed more light on the text. They also explore how understanding Jewish identity (both ancient and modern) can present both opportunities and pitfalls for understanding Scripture.

Marty Solomon is an author, teacher, and resource creator who aims to help people read the Bible in its historical and Jewish context. Along with his work at The BEMA Podcast and Impact Campus Ministries, he has written a book called Asking Better Questions of the Bible: A Guide for the Wounded, Wary, and Longing for More (releasing February 7, 2023). He aims to bring the best of Christian history, modern scholarship, and discipleship to the church, especially college students, to help them love God and serve his kingdom.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Inerrancy versus inspiration
  • 2:13 Asking the Bible hard questions
  • 5:09 Torah obedience and Jewish identity
  • 10:02 Modern Jewish Messianism
  • 12:09 Eastern versus Western thought
  • 14:30 Deconstruction and college ministry
  • 17:49 Passion for investigating Scripture
  • 21:33 Accountability and academia
  • 28:00 How should we approach the Bible?
  • 31:45 What gives Marty hope

Show notes by Micah Long.

Image created by Rubner Durais

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