Overcoming Common ‘Mistruths’ We’ve Heard in Church (Brent Strawn)

Somewhere along the line, we have inherited many “mistruths” about Scripture, as Dr. Brent Strawn calls them. These are conceptions that aren’t completely false, but are misleading—and sometimes pose a greater threat to truth than complete falsehoods do. He discusses his latest book, Lies My Preacher Told Me, and how misconceptions have seeped their way into the church, affecting their views of Scripture, God, and their faith. 

Brent doesn’t mean to pick on pastors per se, but his book explores various ways in which mistruths have taken hold. He identifies key mistruths—such as excessive christocentrism and neglect of or aversion to the Old Testament—in the church and suggests how we might overcome them.

Show notes:

  • 0:26 Lies My Preacher Told Me
  • 2:44 Dru Johnson, children’s pastor
  • 4:21 The formative years
  • 6:05 Examples of the lies
  • 7:55 The Jesus question 
  • 12:20 Preaching is not King of the Hill
  • 15:21 The conceptual world of the biblical authors
  • 19:20 Constructing views of canon
  • 20:50 Openness to different views
  • 22:49 Stories
  • 23:57 Poetic qualities
  • 27:42 Dispositions toward God’s means of revelation

Show notes by Dominique LaCroix 

Image created by Rubner Durais

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