Christians Shouldn’t Be Stuck in the Present (David Moore)

David Moore believes the cultural moment in the United States has never before displayed such a dangerous combination of ignorance…

Man walking through ruins

Can You Understand Scripture without Background Knowledge?

Amy Gabriel talks with Dru about the role of background knowledge in helping us understand Scripture—and whether it is necessary.

Jewish men discussing texts around a table

The ‘New Christian Zionism’ Isn’t Dispensationalism (Gerry McDermott)

What is the biblical relationship between Christians and the Jewish community? Dr. Gerry McDermott wades through the tough topics of…


Lament, Moral Injury, and the Dark Parts of Scripture (Dr. Jill Firth)

In this episode, Dr. Jill Firth discusses the issue of moral injury and its relation to the prophet Jeremiah and the lament psalms.

Poor Bishop Hooper

Until All the Psalms Are Sung Again (Poor Bishop Hooper)

We all need God’s Word, and we need it desperately—this is why Jesse and Leah Roberts embarked on EveryPsalm, a…

Jesus on the cross

Jesus Shows That God and Humans Are a Good Match (Lucy Peppiatt)

Dr. Lucy Peppiatt explains how Jesus and the Incarnation astonishingly reveal that God and humans are meant to unite.

Jewish man reading Scripture

If Christians Read Scripture Like Jews Do (Ari Lamm)

Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm encourages Christians to read Scripture the way he learned as an Orthodox Jew: asking questions and inviting challenge.

"Jesus saves" sign in urban setting

How ‘Christianese’ Is Like Corporate Jargon (Valerie Hobbs)

Linguist Dr. Valerie Hobbs discusses the definitions religious language, “Christianese,” and how it trickles into corporate discourse.

Noah's Ark

The Church’s Alarming Neglect of the Old Testament (Brent Strawn)

Americans Christians barely read the Old Testament. Brent Strawn suggests a way forward to overcome this growing issue.