A stained glass image of a woman with Jesus

Women in the Early Church (Nijay Gupta)

This episode was originally published by OnScript podcast. Thanks to the OnScript team for letting us share this episode with…

An illustration of a Bible on top of a flower field

Trying to Master the Bible? Try Savoring It Instead (Andrew Abernethy)

Literature students who can analyze a passage from East of Eden with ease often flounder when trying to analyze a Bible…

Jazz musician playing saxophone

A Supreme Love: Jazz, Justice, and the Gospel (William Edgar)

The rich and sad story of jazz has shaped both its sorrowful sounds and its joyful hope. William Edgar, the…

A pair of eyeglasses

Trusting Reality: ‘Longing to Know’ Turns 20 (Esther Meek)

“Knowing is an activity that all of us are involved in, all of the time,” writes Dr. Esther Meek in…

Old Testament Violence

Old—and New—Testament Violence and the Shalom of God (Matthew J. Lynch)

Readers of the Book of Joshua (and many other parts of the Bible) are inevitably confronted with the problem of…

Pesach Wolicki headshot

The State of Relations between Christians and Jews (Pesach Wolicki)

Despite their shared foundations and concern for the Word of God, Christians and Jews rarely interact on the basis of…

Charles Madinger discusses the concept of orality—the multifaceted way in which people were created to communicate.

The Unwritten Word: Learning from High Orality-Reliant Cultures (Charles Madinger)

Western culture relies extensively on written text to communicate. But the majority of people across the world rely far less…

Armenia—the first Christian nation?

The First Christian Nation? Keeping Up with the Armenians (Heather Ohaneson)

Despite the rich history of Armenia as an ancient Christian community, many Christians know very little about the Armenian ethnicity,…

The BEMA Podcast

Jewish Identity, Deconstruction, and Misusing the Bible (Marty Solomon)

How do we approach the Bible? Do we see it merely as a “perfect rulebook”? A piece of literature to…