Should Christians Keep the Idea of ‘Calling’?

In this episode, Dr. Dru Johnson talks with Dr. Eric Smith and Dr. Scott Booth (of Pillar Seminary) about the notion of calling in Scripture and some of the problematic thinking about Christian vocation practiced in the church. They address the following questions:

  • What do Christians commonly misunderstand about calling?
  • Is individual calling the same as a vocation/career?
  • What are Christians called to do as a whole?
  • How do you know if God wants you to be a missionary or a banker? Does it matter?
  • Can we demand signs and wonders from God like Moses and Gideon did?

Instead of always thinking about calling in terms of God’s miraculously revealed will in our lives, perhaps Christians should zoom out a little bit to look at the general commandments God has given us. By following these commands, we will walk more closely with Him and better discern His will, which will in turn bring us into deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God and how we can guide others to it.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:58 Universal calling
  • 6:35 Analyzing the Christian “culture of calling”
  • 14:45 Static versus dynamic
  • 19:25 Ministry training as helping people understand the Kingdom of God
  • 22:40 Looking for “signs”

Show notes by Micah Long.

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