Why Jesus’ Judaism Matters (Jen Rosner)

Many Christians know that Jesus was a Jew, but they don’t necessarily think much about this fact or grasp its significance. In this episode, Jen Rosner discusses the importance of recognizing that Jesus embraced his Jewish identity in his lifetime, and the implications of his Judaism for the church and for our understanding of the New Testament today. 

Show notes:

  • 0:27 Encountering the New Testament as a Jew
  • 3:07 Shelving Judaism (for a time)
  • 7:54 Keeping Second-Temple Judaism alive
  • 11:03 Straying from our roots
  • 15:05 Paul’s Torah observance
  • 20:08 Jesus, Torah-observant Jew
  • 21:32 Healed by the tzitzit on his garments 
  • 23:39 Ritual purity and adding layers to the text
  • 25:11 Jesus did not come to abolish the law
  • 26:29 Jen’s recommended reads: The God of Israel and Christian Theology, Jesus and the Forces of Death, Postmissionary Messianic Judaism
  • 31:50 Pertaining to the land and Zionism

Show notes by Dominique LaCroix 

Image created by Rubner Durais

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