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Bowing in the Service of God

Bowing before God helps us grasp the limitations of our power and knowledge. This new understanding shapes us to serve God in his endeavors of justice and charity.

The CHT Welcomes a New Administrative Director

The Center for Hebraic Thought is excited to welcome Celina Durgin as our new Administrative Director. The founding administrative director,…

Announcing the Recipients of Our Course Development Grant

A central goal of the Center for Hebraic thought is to reshape the perception of the Bible such that it’s…

Introducing our Newest Fellows

The Center for Hebraic Thought is happy to announce the addition of Dr. Jonathan Pennington and Dr. Jeremiah Unterman to…

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Pandemics in the Bible? What the Biblical Authors Might Think about Coronavirus

Instead of pointing to a single teaching about pandemics in the bible, or various skin dysfunctions, to figure out what the biblical authors would think about COVID-19, Dru Johnson considers two recurring principles across Scripture.


The Center for Hebraic Thought’s mission is to elevate the biblical thought-world in the church and academy. We are a…

Recovering the Political Teachings of the Hebrew Bible

To understand politics in the Hebrew Bible, we should re-engage with the passages that provide, through law and narrative, not just a picture of personal piety, but also a blueprint and a wealth of resources for conceiving of our civic and national life.

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Time in the Bible

“The biblical view of time is radically different from both ancient philosophical and modern scientific views. In the Bible, time is personal.”

Workshop with Peter Leithart

“The Bible Thinks” workshops help Christians think through and apply biblical thinking to complex and current topics. About this Event…