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Though many people around the world can easily access the Bible, few seem to understand how the biblical authors actually thought. We’re deeply grateful for you, our audience, who share our fascination with Hebraic thought and its expression in Scripture. 

We’ve made most of our resources available for free, but creating these resources costs money. We depend on the generosity of others so that we can continue to promote and illuminate the intellectual world of the Bible.

Your donations will fund the following:

  • Recruiting authors and commissioning articles for The Biblical Mind.
  • Graphics and web development for the CHT and TBM podcast, articles, and website.
  • Development of a Hebraic thought curriculum for church leaders and layfolk.
  • Hebraic thought workshops for churches.
  • Production for educational videos, including a mini-course on Hebraic thought.
  • Personnel who run the center.

Examples of our work 

The Center for Hebraic Thought is an entirely grant-funded program at The King’s College. To keep the work of  the CHT alive and well, including to The Biblical Mind magazine and podcast, please visit the college’s donation page: