Rev. Dr. Dru Johnson, Director

Dru Johnson teaches Biblical literature, theology, and biblical interpretation at The King’s College. He is an ordained minister in the EPC, an editor for the Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Biblical Criticism series, an associate director for the Jewish Philosophical Theology Project at The Herzl Institute in Israel, and a co-host for the OnScript Podcast
He has been a Research Fellow at the Logos Institute of Analytical and Exegetical Theology (University of St Andrews, Scotland), the Institute for Advanced Studies—Shalem Center (Jerusalem, Israel), and a Senior Research Fellow at The Henry Center’s “Creation Project” (TEDS). Interviews, articles, and a full list of his books can found at

Robert Nicholson, Senior Fellow

Robert Nicholson is Founder and Executive Director of The Philos Project. He holds a B.A. in Hebrew Studies from Binghamton University, and both a J.D. and M.A. in Middle Eastern history from Syracuse University. A former U.S. Marine and a 2012-13 Tikvah Fellow, Nicholson founded The Philos Project in 2014. His advocacy focuses on spreading the vision of a multi-ethnic and multi-religious Middle East based on freedom and rule of law. Mr. Nicholson serves on the Board of Directors of Passages, and is a publisher of Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy. His written work has appeared in First Things, The Federalist, The Jerusalem Post, The Hill, and The American Interest, among others.

Abigail Smith, Administrative Director

Abigail Smith has been with the Center for Hebraic Thought since its inception, and has enjoyed directing marketing and back-end operations. She is a senior studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at The King’s College. Miss Smith’s eyes were first opened to the shocking yet beautiful content of the Hebrew Bible in her freshman Introduction to the Literature of the Hebrew Scriptures class with Dr. Dru Johnson. Since then, she has been thirsty for resources about the intellectual world of the Scripture. Studying at King’s on a full-ride scholarship, Miss Smith founded a pro-life student organization and is the director of Interregnum, a series of campus-wide competitions at King’s.