Rev. Dr. Dru Johnson, Director

Dru Johnson teaches Biblical literature, theology, and biblical interpretation at The King’s College. He is an ordained minister in the EPC, an editor for the Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Biblical Criticism series, an associate director for the Jewish Philosophical Theology Project at The Herzl Institute in Israel, and a co-host for the OnScript Podcast
He has been a Research Fellow at the Logos Institute of Analytical and Exegetical Theology (University of St Andrews, Scotland), the Institute for Advanced Studies—Shalem Center (Jerusalem, Israel), and a Senior Research Fellow at The Henry Center’s “Creation Project” (TEDS). Interviews, articles, and a full list of his books can found at

Robert Nicholson, Senior Fellow

Robert Nicholson is Founder and Executive Director of The Philos Project. He holds a B.A. in Hebrew Studies from Binghamton University, and both a J.D. and M.A. in Middle Eastern history from Syracuse University. A former U.S. Marine and a 2012-13 Tikvah Fellow, Nicholson founded The Philos Project in 2014. His advocacy focuses on spreading the vision of a multi-ethnic and multi-religious Middle East based on freedom and rule of law. Mr. Nicholson serves on the Board of Directors of Passages, and is a publisher of Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy. His written work has appeared in First Things, The Federalist, The Jerusalem Post, The Hill, and The American Interest, among others.

Abigail Smith, Administrator

Abigail Smith has been with the Center for Hebraic Thought since its inception, and has enjoyed directing marketing and back-end operations. She is a senior studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at The King’s College. Miss Smith’s eyes were first opened to the shocking yet beautiful content of the Hebrew Bible in her freshman Introduction to the Literature of the Hebrew Scriptures class with Dr. Dru Johnson. Since then, she has been thirsty for resources about the intellectual world of the Scripture. Studying at King’s on a full-ride scholarship, Miss Smith founded a pro-life student organization and is the director of Interregnum, a series of campus-wide competitions at King’s.

Academic Fellows

Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman

Joshua Berman is a professor of Hebrew Bible at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.  A graduate of Princeton University, Dr. Berman also studied for eight years at Yeshivat Har-Etzion in Israel and has rabbinical ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.  He is the author of many works, including Created Equal: How the Bible Broke with Ancient Political Thought  (Oxford, 2008) and Inconsistency in the Torah: Ancient Literary Convention and the Limits of Source Criticism (Oxford, 2017). In addition to his scholarly output, Dr. Berman has also published pieces on the Hebrew Bible and contemporary thought in Mosaic Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Berman served as a member of the International Advisory Council of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Jeffrey P. Garcia

Jeffrey P. García is an Assistant Professor of New Testament and Second Temple Literature at Nyack College, NYC. He holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Judaic Studies from New York University, where he studied with Lawrence Schiffman. His research interests include the Second Temple, early Rabbinic period (i.e. Tannaim), and the Gospels. Dr. García is particularly invested with the role of the Gospels and Acts as part of the corpus of ancient Greco-Roman Jewish texts. He is the author of Understanding the Gospels as Ancient Jewish Literature (Jerusalem: Carta), and co-editor (w/ R. Steven Notley) of The Gospels in First-Century Judaea (Brill, 2016). He is currently preparing a new volume, Creation, Composition, and Condition: On Being Human in Ancient Judaism.

Rev. Dr. Peter Leithart

Peter J. Leithart is President of the Theopolis Institute, a theological think tank and training center in Birmingham, Alabama, and serves as Teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church (CREC). He is author, most recently, of 1 & 2 Chronicles (Brazos Press, 2019). He and his wife Noel have ten children and twelve grandchildren.

Rev. Dr. Ryan O’Dowd

Ryan O’Dowd is a Senior Fellow at Cornell University’s Chesterton House and pastor of Bread of Life Anglican Church of Ithaca, New York. His research interests include biblical law, wisdom, and poetry, as well as Christian theological approaches to ethics, work, and vocation. Dr. O’Dowd holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve with 30 years of combined service in active duty and reserve status. His books include The Wisdom of Torah: Epistemology in Deuteronomy and the Wisdom Literature (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht); Old Testament Wisdom Literature: A Theological Introduction, with Craig Bartholomew (Apollos); Proverbs (Zondervan); and Numbers Through the Centuries, Blackwell Bible Commentaries, ed. John Sawyer and David M. Gunn (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming).

Dr. Jonathan Pennington

Jonathan T. Pennington (PhD in New Testament Studies from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland) is Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Director of Research Doctoral Studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky (USA). He is the author of The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing, Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew, and Reading the Gospels Wisely. He is on the preaching staff at Sojourn East in Louisville, Kentucky, and is also the host and co-producer of the YouTube show, Cars, Coffee, Theology.

Dr. Shira Weiss

Shira Weiss holds a Ph.D. in Jewish Philosophy and has taught at Yeshiva University.  She has earned fellowships from the NEH, The Templeton Foundation, and Ben Gurion University.  Dr. Weiss is the author of Joseph Albo on Free Choice: Exegetical Innovation in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (Oxford University Press) and Ethical Ambiguity in the Hebrew Bible (Cambridge University Press), as well as articles in a variety of academic journals. She is currently working on a manuscript, Biblical Heroes on Trial: Justice and Vigilantism in the Hebrew Bible, and is co-authoring a book on protests against God in the Book of Job according to the three Abrahamic faiths.