Upcoming Events


October 10, 2019 (Dr. Dru Johnson) University of Aberdeen, “Should the Biblical Intellectual Tradition Count as Philosophy?”

October 11, 2019 (Dr. Dru Johnson) University of St Andrews (Logos Institute): “Mapping Hebraic Philosophy across Story, Law, and Poetry.”

October 15, 2019 (Dr. Dru Johnson) Tyndale House, Cambridge University

October 24, 2019 Hebrew Intellectualism in Proverbs, with Ryan O’Dowd. The King’s College, NYC.
Contact cht@tkc.edu if you’re interested in joining!

November 1, 2019 “Moral Progress? Does the Hebrew Bible Give the World Moral Progress or Just Another System of Morality?” with Jeremiah Unterman.
The King’s College, NYC. Register here!

November 22-24, 2019 Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion (SBL/AAR) annual meeting in San Diego

November 23, 2019 Tyndale House Scripture Collective Annual Dinner at SBL (Sponsored by the Center for Hebraic Thought)
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Past Events

June 16-22, 2019 Biblical Narrative and Philosophy Workshop, Tantur Ecumenical Institute (Israel)

August 1, 2019 Symposium: Is the Old Testament Relevant? with Dr. Dru Johnson and Chosen People Ministries.

August 20–22, 2019 (Dr. Dru Johnson) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY)

September 26, 2019 Center for Hebraic Thought Launch Event (NYC)

October 1-3, 2019 Dr. Dru Johnson at George Fox University and Corban University