What Is the Center for Hebraic Thought?

The Center for Hebraic Thought aims to recover and promote the neglected thought-world of the Christian Bible as an intellectual resource today.

Through partnerships and engagement with the Church and scholars, our goals are:

  • To help all people understand that there is a thought-world of the Bible
  • To increase Bible literacy, so that people can accurately trace meaning across the biblical texts  
  • To foster the ability to apply biblical principles in our lives, our families, our churches, and our scholarship
  • To reshape the perception of the Bible such that it’s studied seriously as an intellectual tradition 
  • To see Hebraic Thought become standard curriculum in the Western canon of intellectualism

The CHT, an academic center at The King’s College in New York City in partnership with the Philos Project, is a hub and community for research, resources, and conversations about biblical literacy and the intellectual world of the Bible. It provides a dynamic platform where scholars, pastors, and normal folks can interact with one of the oldest, richest, and yet most neglected traditions; discuss how it has shaped our culture; and explore how its concepts can be applied to the big questions of today. 

We have a unique opportunity to re-capture our understanding of the biblical authors’ patterns of thought and how they can inform our understanding today. The CHT seeks to help both scholars and the public alike “tune in” to what the prophets were contending about the nature of reality and our place within it.

The system of thought in the Hebrew Bible that carries into the New Testament still speaks prolifically today and has something to say about our political structures, views of justice, scientific understanding of reality, debates on sexual identity, and more. 

The CHT aims to recover this neglected thought-world, pioneering as a hub for this budding area of study.