Understanding the Deep Structures of Scripture



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Biblical Theology: Tracing Philosophy across Biblical Texts

If the bibilcal texts are philosophical, how do we discern the structures of Hebraic abstract thought? Dr. Dru Johnson discusses the history of this problem and his methodology for working with biblical texts on the topic of epistemology.

Ruins in Israel

Is There Philosophy in the Hebrew Bible?

Abstract This article discusses a selection of the most recent examples from both biblical scholarship and Jewish philosophy of the…

the Western Wall and the Parthenon

Did Ancient Hebrews Have Different Minds than the Greeks?

Scholars often return to this basic question with new ideas about antiquity. This essay clarifies why we think ancient Hebrews and Greeks did have the same kinds of minds and abilities, but they did not necessarily think in the same way.

Engraving of Moses

Politics in the Bible: Does the Bible Have a Political Teaching?

Abstract The Bible has been marshaled in the service of many political doctrines. But is there a particular view of…

Philosophical Criticism of the Hebrew Bible and the Analytic-Continental Divide

Abstract This article takes a closer look at how the so-called Analytic-Continental divide within meta-philosophy has manifested itself within various…

A Biblical Nota Bene on Philosophical Inquiry

What makes Christian philosophy Christian, and not merely theist? This essay explores the nature of philosophy in the Bible.