The Sexual Reformation: What Does the Bible Actually Say about Gender? (Aimee Byrd)

Certain modern stereotypes and gender roles influence how women and men in the church understand their humanity and sexuality. When people fall short of these expectations, they can feel inadequate. An idea that has pervaded church history is that men and women are polar opposites. Famous theologians have called women inferior. Regarding gender, what is actually “biblical,” and what is merely cultural—and sometimes very harmful?

This week, Aimee Byrd critiques the stereotypes in light of her new book The Sexual Reformation, with an eye to restoring the dignity of personhood. She focuses mainly on the Song of Solomon to explore what the roles of men and women, married and single, truly are based on God’s spousal love for His people.

Show notes:

  • 0:26 Am I feminine enough? Am I masculine enough?
  • 4:57 The ideal human
  • 7:45 Masculinity and aggression
  • 11:26 Marriage as a picture of God’s love
  • 13:20 The Aristotelian person
  • 16:31 The effect on women
  • 19:23 The last man standing is a woman
  • 23:09 Women in Scripture
  • 31:45 Embodied spirituality
  • 34:40 You are valuable
  • 38:00 What Aimee would say to those who disagree

Show notes by Dominique LaCroix

Image created by Rubner Durais

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