Part of the Biblical Artist Series series

Biblical Artist Series: Seeing Differently through Art (Steve Prince)

Steve Prince knew he wanted to be an artist since he was five years old. Art can be a powerful way to worship, and being a maker of things allows us to reflect God the Creator. For Prince, being a Christian and an artist go hand and hand—he sees his artwork as a calling. In this episode, Dru Johnson talks to Steve about his life as a Christian artist, the influence of his Catholic upbringing in New Orleans, how he communicates through art, and how Scripture and art relate. They discuss a piece of Prince’s art.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Being a Christian and an artist
  • 6:43 Church background informing art
  • 15:50 Using art to wrestle with Scripture
  • 23:12 “Genesis: In the Beginning”
  • 34:30 Should Christians make monuments of humans?
  • 43:30 The Bible is alive

Show notes by Serena Tuomi.

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