Christians Shouldn’t Be Stuck in the Present (David Moore)

David Moore believes the cultural moment in the United States has never before displayed such a dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance as it does now. Most people have limited knowledge about few things, but the glut of information makes them feel like they are an expert on many issues. Most people get their news primarily from social media and their favorite news channel. We live in echo chambers partly because we cannot handle our beliefs being challenged. It is no wonder there is so much division. 

David Moore and Dru Johnson chat about how history frees and forms Christians. Moore’s new book Stuck in the Present exists to teach Christians to be lifelong learners of history. Moore promotes the wisdom of understanding the bigger picture of history and befriending conversation starters who challenge you and your ideas. These habits also better prepare people to study Scripture productively.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Stuck in the Present
  • 4:37 Stuck in ideology
  • 11:23 Progress of doctrine in America
  • 17:09 How we think about history today
  • 21:40 Where is America in history education?
  • 27:35 The problem with the inductive Bible study method
  • 33:55 A fresh Bible study method

Check out Stuck in the Present, by David Moore.

Show notes by Serena Tuomi.

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