Group Therapy for Anxiety in the Bible

Group Therapy for Anxiety in the Bible

Especially in the coronavirus pandemic, many Christians are feeling anxiety or worry and are likely to turn to the Bible for comfort, advice, and encouragement. While many of us are likely to consult the New Testament, in doing so, we may neglect the rich tradition of the Old Testament that underlies it. Perhaps the Hebrew Bible can, through its unique usage of vulnerable poetry and narrative, help us accept and deal with our own vulnerabilities, in community with one another and situated within a tradition of wisdom.

In this episode, Dr. Ben White, Assistant Professor of New Testament at The King’s College, discusses with CHT Director Dr. Dru Johnson his article in Christianity Today called “Fighting Anxiety With the Old Testament” — written a year ago but exceptionally applicable in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic. They talk about the honesty across the Bible about the weakness and struggles of the human condition, and how that’s helpful for dealing with anxiety today. They also discuss Andy Stanley, the distinctiveness of the Hebrew Bible’s approach to vulnerability and victory, and Paul’s thoughts on weakness.


  • 0:00 Recontextualizing the Hebrew Bible for the sake of modern transformation
  • 2:25 Introducing Dr. Benjamin White and discussing Andy Stanley
  • 5:00 “Fighting Anxiety with the Old Testament”
  • 10:55 Group Therapy
  • 13:00 Vulnerability within Old Testament poetry and narrative
  • 18:40 Paul on weakness

Show notes by Micah Long.

Read Dr. White’s article in Christianity Today here.

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