What Can Non-Jewish Clergy Learn from Jewish Studies? (Jeff Jacoby)

This week, Jeff Jacoby, op-ed columnist for The Boston Globe since February 1994, joined Dru to discuss his essay in Sapir, “Jewish Study for Non-Jewish Clergy.” He proposes a project of study with deep historical roots that would benefit clergy and anyone who takes religion seriously, not just as an abstract intellectual exercise.

He writes, “Imagine that it were possible for non-Jewish clergy — Catholic, Muslim, Baha’i, Mormon, Baptist, Hindu — to have the opportunity to engage meaningfully with the world of Torah study from the inside, even if for only a limited time.”

  • 0:30 Essay in Sapir
  • 3:53 The Jethro Project
  • 13:58 The Jewish style of questioning on the spot
  • 28:51 Why would this program be valuable?
  • 33:00 Experiencing Sabbath in Israel

Image created by Rubner Durais

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