What Is the Point of Prayer? Does It Change God’s Mind? (John C. Peckham)

If God is sovereign, what is the point of prayer? Is it merely a meditative exercise, or do our petitions shape the outcome of history?

Prayer is a ritual and relational device Christians use to communicate with God. God is open to the requests of all people everywhere and actually wants to bring mercy and blessings instead of judgment—but that doesn’t mean that the function of prayer is simple to understand. Prayer is a nuanced activity. In this conversation, Dru Johnson and John C. Peckham answer a variety of questions about the nature and point of prayer. Does God hear the prayers of people outside of the lineage of Israel? Can God act in contradiction to His promises and His Word if we pray for it? Does a person’s character affect how God answers their prayers?

Show notes:

  • 0:00 What is the point of prayer?
  • 3:33 What did the biblical authors think of prayer?
  • 9:03 Effective prayers
  • 14:25 Do we get all we pray for?
  • 23:44 What is the role of hope?

Show notes by Serena Tuomi.

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