Prosperity, Responsibility, and Economics in the Torah (Michael Eisenberg)

Does the Torah mention wealth redistribution? What is the purpose of leaving the corners of your field unharvested? What economic system does the Torah advocate, and how would one live in accordance with it? Join us this week as Michael Eisenberg discusses these questions and more, covered his latest book, The Tree of Life and Prosperity

Show notes:

  • 0:26 Is the Torah capitalist or socialist? Or . . . ?
  • 4:00 Abraham and empowerment
  • 5:40 Genesis: prescriptive and descriptive
  • 8:33 Is “wealth” a bad word?
  • 10:37 Modern example: CEO of Salesforce 
  • 11:39 Charity (tzedakah)
  • 14:11 Difference between Adam Smith and Torah
  • 17:49 Fruitfulness
  • 22:40 “Justice with no incarceration”

Show notes by Dominique LaCroix

Image created by Rubner Durais

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