Why Does Church Matter? Learning from Jazz (Mark Glanville)

Quotes from this episode:
“With the Bible in our hands, it’s time to improvise church again and to see what the spirit is calling us to and how the spirit is opening wide our imagination for what the church can be today.”

“We’re doing a bit like what jazz musicians do. We immerse in the biblical story and we improvise on that biblical story, the Bible in our hand.”

“Church is a conversation. Communities that are able to have conversations is really important. We can talk about anything. We can talk about the sermon together. We can talk about pressing issues facing our community, facing our neighborhood that we can get involved with.”

In this episode:

— Introduction and Setting the Stage

— Conceptual Hurdles and the Need for Fresh Imagination

— Improvising on the Tradition: Learning from the Biblical Story

— Being Rooted in the Neighborhood: Leadership and the Role of Every Member

— The Challenges of Size: Can Large Churches Safely Improvise?

— Local Aesthetics and the Physical Space of Worship