Will AI Take Over the World? (Adam Graber)

The two Christianity Today articles that Adam mentions in this episode can be found here:
“How Cars Created the Megachurch”
“Robot ‘Church Fathers’ Might Curate New Canons”

Appropriately: An AI generated summary of our conversation:

The conversation explores the influence of technology on humanity and the reciprocal relationship between the two. It discusses the impact of smartphones and identifies key technologies that have shaped the world. The balance between screen time and creativity is examined, along with the concerns and benefits of AI. The importance of foundational knowledge and skills is emphasized, as well as the need for critical evaluation of sources. The conversation also addresses the biases present in AI systems and the challenges of tracing causal links within them. The conversation explores the use of AI in data analysis and interpretation, particularly in the context of Bible study. It raises questions about the validity and limitations of using AI for interpretation and emphasizes the need for critical evaluation.


  • AI can analyze vast amounts of data and identify correlations that humans may not be able to perceive.
  • The use of AI for interpretation in Bible study raises questions about the validity of a statistical method of interpretation.
  • AI interpretation should be seen as one mode of interpretation among others, rather than a replacement for traditional methods.
  • The scholarly community needs to critically evaluate the use of AI for interpretation and develop educational programs to address its implications.


01:31 The Influence of Technology on Humanity

03:26 Technology Shaping Our Experience

04:21 Examples of Technology

06:23 The Relationship Between Technology and Humanity

09:27 The Impact of Smartphones

10:48 Technologies that Have Changed the World

13:24 Balancing Screen Time and Creativity

16:09 The Concerns and Benefits of AI

19:52 The Role of AI in Creativity

25:09 The Importance of Foundational Knowledge and Skills

27:48 The Biases of AI Systems

31:34 The Human Element in AI Systems

36:26 The Need for Critical Evaluation of Sources

39:43 The Human Bias in AI Systems

40:26 The Concerns about Tracing Causal Links in AI

41:29 AI and Data Analysis

42:27 Statistical Method of Interpretation

43:57 Critically Evaluating AI Interpretation