The Biblical Mind: Elevating Biblical Thinking

Rev. Dr. Dru Johnson, Director of the Center for Hebraic Thought

The Biblical Mind is a new venture into a very old school of thought: that of the biblical authors. It’s a magazine meant to investigate and re-orient readers to the thinking of the biblical authors apparent in their texts. It will be a disruptive task, requiring us to re-think both our own concepts and those of the Christian Scriptures.

Of course, the Bible doesn’t have “a mind.” It’s a collection of literature spanning from the Bronze and Iron Ages up to the Greco-Roman Empire. The Biblical Mind most simply refers to the collection of ideas and ways of thinking about the world of the biblical authors. Those Hebrew authors of the Old and New Testaments thought in ways distinct from those of the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and later, Greek and Roman cultures. 

The Biblical Mind, as a publication, pursues clarity about how the biblical authors thought within their own contexts, what kinds of conclusions they came to about God and creation, and what the biblical authors would think about us and our world today.