Biblical Rituals in a Digital World

Embodying Biblical Rituals in a Digital Age

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed more and more of religious life online, whether temporarily or, for some individuals and congregations, indefinitely. Big tech companies, notably Facebook, have even devoted resources to building online spaces for religious practice and worship. It is now especially pressing to consider biblical accounts of rituals and their insights for our online lives.

The articles in this series will fall into three main categories, addressing the following questions:

  1. How might OT/NT rituals be adapted for virtual spaces? Would these virtual analogues be legitimate forms of the ritual?
  2. How can OT/NT rituals be adapted or practiced so that we can have healthier digital lives?
  3. How might digital technologies enhance or extend our existing rituals for engaging with Scripture?


Coming soon:

  • John Swinton writing on accessibility tech and church life for the disabled.
  • Ned Bustard and Doug McKelvey writing on digital liturgies.

This series will be expanded with more contributions from women and men working in this area of scholarship into a forthcoming book collection.

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