Did the Biblical Authors Care about Conspiracy Theories?

Excerpt from the original article at Christianity Today magazine:

Conspiracy thinking injects itself at this exact point. Who will guide me? The conspiracist’s answer: I will! I, the one who knows, will peel back the corner of this deep-state or deep-science tarp and reveal to you all its secret inner-workings. You are not one of the sheeple. You are an independent thinker who can see it for yourself. That’s the tawdry promise of conspiracy.

Even Jesus had to deal with conspiracy theories. He repeatedly warned his followers that folks will come and solicit the church with conspiracies of his return (Luke 17:22–23). Hucksters will think that they have figured it all out. “Look here! Look there!” they will say. Fabulists will claim to be able to peel back the tarp of history to proclaim Jesus’ return. Jesus flatly instructed his disciples: “Do not listen to them!”

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