Proverbs 31 Isn’t a Future-Wife Checklist (Dominick Hernandez)

Many Christians have extolled the “Proverbs 31 woman,” but that proverb must be read in the context of the others, or we might miss what it is really about. Dr. Dominick Hernandez says people cannot skip the poetic sections of the Bible and still claim to value Scripture.

In this conversation, Dr. Hernandez and Dru Johnson dive into the book of Proverbs. They discuss the structure of the book, why we should read it, how we should read it, and the significance of its poetic form.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Proverbs 31—a poem
  • 3:21 An acrostic poem
  • 8:43 The status of a woman
  • 10:30 The structure of Proverbs
  • 19:28 Hebraic poetry
  • 25:18 Why read the Proverbs?
  • 29:23 Do people respect poetry?
  • 33:27 Why are there no Proverbs for girls?

Show notes by Serena Tuomi.

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