Yes, You Can Learn Biblical Hebrew—and Why You Should! (Aleph with Beth)

Due to a technical issue, Dru’s audio is of lower quality than usual.

There are many factors that hinder people from learning biblical Hebrew—cost, lack of resources, and the belief that Hebrew is only for the “spiritually elite.” But Beth and Andrew Case believe learning Hebrew is for everyone and want to make learning the language the new normal in Christian discipleship. The Cases have tools to make the biblical language available for free to everyone in the world. In this conversation, the Cases chat with Dru Johnson all about the Hebrew language, their special pedagogy, and their Youtube Channel Aleph with Beth where they teach the language of the Hebrew Bible, free to everyone.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Is learning Hebrew for everyone?
  • 6:50 Learning Hebrew is doable
  • 14:50 Hebrew can help people understand Scripture
  • 18:40 The Case’s history with Hebrew
  • 24:04 Why they speak the name of God
  • 28:18 Why the Cases only speak Hebrew in Aleph with Beth videos
  • 36:30 How they assess if their methods are working
  • 40:00 What the Cases have learned

Show notes by Serena Tuomi.

You can also check out the Aleph with Beth website.

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