Aleph with Beth

Beth (Bethany) Case was always fascinated with languages since she was a child (you can tour her crazy language notebook from high school here). She also has gift for art (which you can see on her Instagram here). Her interests led her get a masters of Linguistics from the University of North Dakota, and now she is working on a PhD in biblical Hebrew through the University of the Free State in South Africa. She served for five years in Colombia teaching future missionaries things like Second Language Acquisition and Phonetics. After that she went to study Hebrew at the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators, where she met Andrew.

What about Andrew Case? In short, he’s is a translation consultant who has written a lot of music, a handful of books, created some prayer apps, runs a podcast, and served in Equatorial Guinea. Now he and Beth live and work in Oaxaca, Mexico where Andrew grew up. Feel free to follow them on Facebook here.