CHT to Co-Host Bible Literacy Conference

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The Center for Hebraic Thought (CHT) has partnered with the American Bible Society (ABS) to host a Bible literacy conference at ABS’s new Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in Philadelphia, PA on October 30–31, 2021. The attendees are Bible Literacy Coalition (BLC) participants. This conference will be the first of hopefully many BLC convenings.

Bible illiteracy is widespread in the American church. More of the same teaching won’t fix the problem. Statistics and experience show that a high percentage of American Christians don’t read the whole Bible, and when they do, they don’t read it effectively.

We need to retrieve and restore deep Bible engagement that aims at literacy and fluency.

What are Bible literacy and fluency? Read.

This movement seeks:

1. To overcome ill-founded belief of many American Christians that they know the Bible, or that they don’t need to know it.

2. To help guide them into better Bible-reading habits that will reliably form them as God’s people.

3. To strengthen their trust in the Bible and show them that anyone can read and live it well.

BLC participants are complementary organizations that seek, through a concerted effort, to promote Bible literacy.

Some background on the problem:

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