Description of the Workshop

We have developed a simple Bible-exploration training that transforms our relationship with Scripture. We do this using two timeless methods used throughout church history: 1) slow and simple inspection of key biblical texts and 2) looking across Scripture for the patterns we discovered in those key texts. 

We have found that we can teach people this basic skill in an hour, if that’s all time allowed. It is an energetic training with lots of participation. Bible study programs generally excel in one of the two: slow study or seeing the big pattern. This training we have developed uniquely allows people, whether they are lay persons or pastors, to grasp the deep structures of biblical thinking across Scripture. 

Quotes from some of our participants:

“This workshop made me excited to read the Bible again.” —Pastoral staff of a Manhattan church. 

“Thank you so very much. Our people were locked in. I know I, and the rest, interacted with Genesis 1-3 in fresh ways. Two hours flew by. … And it blessed me as a pastor to see our leaders with their Bibles open, soaking it up.” —A pastor from Brooklyn

“I have never been held so accountable to what the Scripture actually says.” —A pastor from Pennsylvania.