A Supreme Love: Jazz, Justice, and the Gospel (William Edgar)

The rich and sad story of jazz has shaped both its sorrowful sounds and its joyful hope. William Edgar, the author of A Supreme Love: The Music of Jazz and the Hope of the Gospel, discusses the subtle and not-so-subtle ways the Bible has informed the movement and music of jazz throughout its history.

William (BA, Harvard University, MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary, DTh, Université de Genève) is professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He directs the gospel-jazz band Renewal, which features the legendary singer Ruth Naomi Floyd. He is also currently professeur associé at the Faculté Jean Calvin, Aix-en-Provence (France). He has published more than 20 books and numerous articles in French and in English. His most recent book is A Supreme Love: The Music of Jazz and the Hope of the Gospel (IVP Academic, 2022). He and his wife, Barbara, have two children and three grandchildren.

Show notes:

  • 00:25 What is jazz? Is it sinful?
  • 05:08 Joyful with an edge of suffering
  • 10:49 Punk rock, protest music, and intimidating jazz musicians
  • 15:08 Entertaining jazz, delighting audiences, and fighting racism
  • 21:20 Jazz in the trenches—gritty and ineffable
  • 27:12 Parallel between Hebrew poetry and some jazz forms

Show notes by Celina Durgin

Image created by Rubner Durais

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