Behind the Scenes: CHT Staff Tells All! (Dru, Amy, Celina)

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back—so this week, the Center for Hebraic Thought staff switched things up. Instead of interviewing a scholar, Dru Johnson (CHT director), Amy Gabriel (CHT research associate), and Celina Durgin (CHT administrative director) chatted about the evolving mission and audience of the CHT, Bible literacy and Bible fluency, good and bad Bible-reading habits—in short, a smorgasbord of topics that lie at the heart of our organization.

Show notes:

  • 00:30 The evolving mission of the Center for Hebraic Thought
  • 02:33 Shifting the audience of the CHT
  • 05:50 What is Hebraic thought, again?
  • 10:38 How—and how not—to read the Bible
  • 16:25 The origin and purpose of The Biblical Mind
  • 19:00 Bible literacy vs. Bible fluency
  • 34:41 What motivates people to read the Bible?
  • 38:30 The goal of the CHT and TBM
  • 43:55 Scripture’s metaphors for itself

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