The State of Relations between Christians and Jews (Pesach Wolicki)

Despite their shared foundations and concern for the Word of God, Christians and Jews rarely interact on the basis of faith in the modern world. Many Jewish communities, in response to centuries of antisemitism and persecution, have shielded themselves from Christians, while modern Christians often know very little about the Jewish faith.

Dru interviews Rabbi Pesach Wolicki about the state of relations between Christians and Jews. For Pesach, the Jewish faith centers on a universal mission to bless the whole world; as a result, his work focuses on sharing Judaism and Jewish readings of Scripture with Christians. They discuss thinkers from Maimonides to Luther, the way reading the Talmud can help Christians, and why tension still exists between Christians and Jews today. Plus, hear Pesach’s critique of the popular worship song “Reckless Love.”

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki is an Orthodox Rabbi whose work focuses on relations between Christians and Jews. Currently, he works as the Executive Director of the Center for Jewish–Christian Understanding and Cooperation. He has taught at churches, Christian colleges, and seminaries across North America, and writes regularly for various news outlets. He currently lives in Israel with his wife and eight children.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Jewish identity and its relation to Christianity
  • 3:12 A kingdom of priests
  • 5:45 Maimonides and the Messiah
  • 9:55 Reading Scripture with Christians
  • 14:48 Talmudic readings
  • 19:44 Wolicki’s method for reading the Bible
  • 21:38 Historical perspective and current tension
  • 29:52 Reckless love?!?
  • 31:50 How Christians can start to understand Jews

Show notes by Micah Long

Image created by Rubner Durais

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