Scholarship in Hebraic Thought

There has been a growing cadre of biblical scholars, theologians, and philosophers—Jewish, Christian, atheist, and other— developing scholarship around the question: Is the Bible philosophical, or even, philosophy? Below are some resources, but note that these come from all theological (and not) perspectives. Feel free to contact us with suggested resources to add.

On the Web

Books & Articles

  • Ryan O’Dowd, The Wisdom of Torah (V&R, 2009)
  • Craig Bartholomew, Where Mortals Dwell (Baker, 2011)
  • Shira Weiss, Ethical Ambiguity in the Hebrew Bible (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
  • Jaco Gericke,
    • The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion (SBL Press, 2012)
    • “Is There Philosophy in the Hebrew Bible? Some Recent Affirmative Perspectives,”  Journal for Semitics 23/2 (Jan 2014): 583 – 598.
  • Jeremiah Unterman, Justice for All (JPS/University of Nebraska Press, 2016)
  • Joshua Berman
    • Created Equal (Oxford University Press, )
    • Inconsistencies in the Torah (Oxford University Press, 2018)
  • Yoram Hazony
    • Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
    • God and the Politics of Esther (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
  • Dru Johnson
    • Biblical Knowing (Cascade, 2013)
    • Knowledge by Ritual (Eisenbrauns, Penn State Press, 2016)
    • Epistemology and Biblical Theology (Routledge, 2017)
    • The Question of God’s Perfection, edited with Yoram Hazony (Brill, 2018)

Critical of Hebraic Thought

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History of Hebraic Scholarship

  • Johannes Pedersen, Israel: Its Life and Culture (Oxford University Press, 1953)
  • Henri Frankfort, et al., The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man (University of Chicago Press, 1946)
  • Thorleif Boman, Hebrew Thought Compared with Greek (V&R, 1960)
  • James Barr, The Semantics of Biblical Language (Oxford University Press, 1962)
  • Michael Carasik, Theologies of the Mind in Biblical Israel (Peter Lang, 2005)