Early Church

How the Early Church Engaged with Scripture (Brian J. Wright)

Brian J. Wright explores ancient reading habits and the early church’s Bible engagement. Here’s what the modern church can learn.

Gift of the Grotesque

Entering the Hell and Heartbreak of the Grotesque Book of Judges (Daniel Stulac)

Is the Book of Judges a morality play? A celebration of violence? An injunction against moral relativism? Could it be…

Digital Sabbath

True Sabbath Isn’t Narcissism Disguised as Self-Care (Kelsey Osgood)

In a world of distractions, hyperactivity, and burnout, many of us yearn for rest from our work and our devices….

Economic justice

African Perspectives on Multiculturalism and Economic Justice (Gift Mtukwa)

The church should not only perform charity work, but also pursue economic justice. Dr. Gift Mtukwa joins Dru Johnson to…

Love the foreigner

Who Is the ‘Foreigner’ We’re Supposed to Love? (M. Daniel Carroll R.)

The history of humanity is the history of migration. People have always been on the move, in Scripture and in…


Knowing God through Welcoming the Stranger (Mark Glanville)

The Old Testament, especially Deuteronomy, repeatedly entreats the Israelites to welcome the stranger. The Israelites were required to love the…

Rituals in Leviticus

Rituals Teach: Why We Can’t Ignore Leviticus (Mark Scarlata)

If God teaches us through rituals, then we have a responsibility to examine these rituals. By studying them, asking questions,…

Jeff Jacoby

What Can Non-Jewish Clergy Learn from Jewish Studies? (Jeff Jacoby)

This week, Jeff Jacoby, op-ed columnist for The Boston Globe since February 1994, joined Dru to discuss his essay in Sapir,…

Aimee Byrd

The Sexual Reformation: What Does the Bible Actually Say about Gender? (Aimee Byrd)

Aimee Byrd discusses her new book The Sexual Reformation, considering what Scripture actually says about gender.