The Torah Is Not a Law Book (Jerry Unterman)

CHT fellow Dr. Jerry Unterman explains that unlike other law codes of the ANE, the Torah is not a law book.

Forgiveness in the Bible

No One Asks for Forgiveness in the Bible? (Joshua Berman)

People don’t ask for or grant forgiveness in the Bible—at least, not in the way modern people are familiar with.

Lisa Bowens

African Americans Understood Paul’s Words While Slave Owners Twisted Them (Lisa Bowens)

Discussing her book African American Readings of Paul, Lisa Bowens identifies how Pauline texts were used both for and against injustice.

Small Preaching

What Are Sermons for, and How Can They Be Improved? (Jonathan Pennington)

When it comes to preaching, less is more. If you really understand a complex issue, you should be able to…

Shepherds surrounding Santa Claus

Three Grinches in a Pod: Complicating Christmas

It’s that time of year again.  It’s the time when those who hate eggnog, pretty lights, cheery music, presents, and joy itself…

A man observing an image depicting farm worker

Toward an Integrated Liturgy of Work and Worship (Matthew Kaemingk)

There is a deep division between work and worship in the West. However, the worship of the ancient Israelites integrated…

Imprecatory psalms

Crying for Justice: Why We Should Pray the Imprecatory Psalms (Trevor Laurence)

Pleas for justice in the book of Psalms—the imprecatory psalms—can make some Christians uncomfortable. They’re often passed over in the…

Esau McCaulley

Reading the Bible While Black: The Crucial Perspective of the Black Church (Esau McCaulley)

“Blackness is a part of American culture.” Too often American Christianity is equated with white Christianity, while expressions of Black Christianity…

Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm

Understanding Supersessionism and the Controversy over a TBM Article (Ari Lamm)

A couple of weeks ago, The Biblical Mind published an article by Michael LeFebvre titled Jesus Restored the Original Purpose…