A Philosophical Theology of the Old Testament (Dr. Jaco Gericke)

Dru talks to Dr. Jaco Gericke about his recent book, why he doesn’t call himself an atheist, and how he went from disliking Old Testament studies to specializing in it.

Jeremiah Unterman

Introducing Dr. Jeremiah Unterman (CHT Fellow)

Dr. Jerry Unterman discusses his university years and his most recent work on the unique contribution of ethics in the Bible to the ancient world.

Bust of Marcus Aurelius

Is the New Testament Just Stoic Philosophy?

Stoic philosophy has a reputation for clear-eyed realism, but CHT fellow Dr. Jonathan Pennington explains why he thinks Jesus’ teachings are more in touch with reality.


Group Therapy for Anxiety in the Old Testament

How honesty across the Bible about the weakness and struggles of the human condition is helpful for dealing with anxiety today.


Economic Thought in the Bible

Dr. Michael Rhodes of Union University speaks about the radical economic principles begun in the Torah and worked out in…


Is God Perfect? Does that Matter? Peter Leithart Workshop

On February 15, Rev. Dr. Peter Leithart joined the Center for Hebraic Thought and a group of about 20 professors,…


Is God Perfect? Does that Matter? Peter Leithart Lecture

This podcast is taken from the evening lecture of our February 14-15 workshop with the Rev. Dr. Peter Leithart from…


Moral Progress in the Bible?

Rabbi Dr. Jeremiah Unterman delivers a public lecture for the Center for Hebraic Thought on November 1st, 2019, examining moral…


Hebraic Thought in Christmas, Part 2: Humble Moms and Shepherds

 The Christmas story tells of – a humble woman – breaking out into poetry – because of her surprise pregnancy…