Dr. Jeffrey P. García

Dr. Jeffrey García is an Assistant Professor in Bible at Nyack College. He holds a PhD in Hebrew and Judaic Studies from New York University, where he studied under the direction of world-renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Dr. Lawrence Schiffman. Jeffrey has been a member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research since 2008. His expertise is early Judaism, the period of the Sages of Israel, Jesus, and the New Testament. His research interests include the Second Temple and early Rabbinic period, as well as the Gospels. His books include On Human Nature in Early Judaism and Understanding the Gospels as Ancient Jewish Literature.

He has worked as a teaching guide in Israel and Jordan with the Center for Holy Lands Studies since 2012. Jeffrey was born in Spanish (East) Harlem, New York City. He now lives in Queens with his wife, Maureen, and their family.